A Comprehensive Manual on How to Evoke and Call Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

The tutorial for raising and improving your pets in Ragnarok Origin Global is full of potential. Discover a plethora of methods to raise your pets, including normal and special summoning, and find out more about the pet gear available in this realm.

Exploring the Gear Options of Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

When two or four pieces of the same Pet Gear set are worn, extra Attribute Bonuses will be given. It is important to choose wisely, as different sets will provide different benefits. In Ragnarok Origin Global, the player can use Amber and Eden Coins to upgrade their pet’s equipment. Don’t discard duplicates of Pet Gear, as Amber can be recovered by taking apart undesired gear.

After reaching the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth Enhancement levels, an extra Secondary Attribute Bonus will be added to the Gear. If there is already a bonus for the same attribute, the two will stack. From the sixth level on, however, additional improvements may fail and cause resources to be wasted. Thus, before attempting to upgrade your pet gear, make sure you have enough materials. The new bonus will generate only existing Attributes after reaching the Attribute Bonus limits, which is part of Ragnarok Origin Global gameplay.

Techniques to Lift Ragnarok Origin Global Creatures

When raising pets in Ragnarok Origin Global, there are a few gameplays to remember. First, pets’ level can never exceed that of their owner. Secondly, pets have access to numerous pieces of gear that can boost their abilities, such as helmets, necklaces, weapons, outfits, bracelets, and shoes. Lastly, Mythic Pets can be upgraded by utilizing shards of the same pet or generic pet shards, which unlocks distinct forms and skills.

The final way to enhance the abilities of a pet is by using Spirit Dew to pick from a variety of qualities that appear spontaneously. Saving the stats in advance is essential as repeating the training without doing so would replace the prior list with a new one. Players can create powerful and imposing pets to accompany them on their journeys by focusing on these attributes.

Different Kinds of Pets Available in the Ragnarok Origin Global Game

Ragnarok Origin Global offers two different types of pet summoning: normal and special. Normal summoning requires coupons or diamonds and can call forth pets up to the legendary grade. The 60th normal summoning is guaranteed to be a legendary pet. Special summoning necessitates special coupons or nyan berries and can summon pets up to the mythic grade. The 60th special summon is guaranteed to be a legendary or higher, and the 120th summoning is assured to be a mythic. Both of these guarantees can be achieved at the same time for the highest grade pet in this Ragnarok Origin Global game.

When you summon a pet, you will get a Pet or Pet Shards plus one Poring Coin. If you own a pet already, it will be turned into Pet Shards if you do the summoning again. If your Wish List is already full, you will automatically get one of the pets in it when you get a legendary or mythic pet. There is a Summoning refresh Time in Ragnarok Origin Global which you

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